Unique April Bulletin Board Ideas for Elementary School

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April is a great month for creating bulletin boards for elementary schools. April has several fun holidays and themes such as Scrabble Day, Tell a Story Day, World Health Day, National Poetry Month, and National Humor Month. This article will provide you with unique ideas for elementary school bulletin boards for the month of April.

Scrabble Day

You can create a unique bulletin board while teaching students about vocabulary. For this bulletin board idea you can use vocabulary as the theme. Help kids create large scrabble blocks for the words they are learning and paste them all over the bulletin board in honor of this unique April celebration.

Tell a Story Day

This is a great project for elementary kids because you can teach writing skills as well as decorating your bulletin board. Help kids create a short story by asking each student to contribute a section of the story at a time. Write the sections on strips of paper and cover the bulletin board with everyone’s pieces. Feel free to incorporate vocabulary and ideas from other lessons to create the story for your bulletin board.

World Health Day

Another unique holiday in April is World Health Day. For this bulletin board ask elementary students to focus on different parts of a healthy lifestyle. Let kids create images that represent this lifestyle. They can draw their ideas or cut images from magazines. Older students can add facts or captions below the images, and images can then be attached to the bulletin board.

National Poetry Month

For this April Idea students should be asked to create poems based on any theme you choose. Other April holidays or other lessons are a good idea for subject matter. Poems should also be created according to the age level of the class. Younger students can create haikus, and older students can work on more difficult rhyme schemes.

National Humor Month

National Humor Month is a unique April celebration, and elementary school kids will enjoy creating this bulletin board. Discuss humor with students, and ask them to consider things they find funny. Then help students find images, jokes, and other materials they think are humorous. This bulletin board idea is fun for the whole class, and it allows teachers to discuss appropriate and inappropriate humor in the classroom.

If you want to create a unique bulletin board for you elementary school classroom these April holidays and themes are perfect. Students will enjoy these ideas as much as the teacher!



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