The Meaning of Rose Colors

Sarah Ganly
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There are many different meanings of colors of roses. With Valentine’s Day on the way, you may want to consider a special rose for your special someone. This article will discuss the many different meanings of the colors of roses.


The most commonly found rose is red. Red roses are a very popular symbol of love, and they represent romance. True love, passion, and beauty are all part of the meaning of a red rose. A single red rose always means, “I love you”.


A rose that is the color pink expresses appreciation and happiness (Green). A pink rose is a gentle color, and it symbolizes admiration and sweetness.


White roses are elegant and common in many wedding bouquets. White roses symbolize happiness in love and joy (Green).


A yellow rose is best to be bestowed among friends because it suggests friendship instead of romantic love. Yellow roses can also symbolize joy and jealousy (Green). A rose that is yellow with red edges suggests falling in love or friendship that is blossoming into romance.


Lavender is a subtle and magical color of a rose. This delicate color symbolizes instant connections and love at first glance (Green). Enchantment and magic are also represented when a rose of lavender color is given to someone.


A cream colored rose can range from off white to the palest peach tone. It is a beautiful and unique gift. The meaning of this rose is modesty.


Coral is a color that is in between orange and red, and its one of a kind beauty has a very specific meaning. The color of a coral rose represents passion and desire. The color is likened to burning want for another.


This color of a rose is similar to coral roses because it too means desire (Green). Orange is the color of fire, and an orange rose symbolizes the flames of passion, desire, and love.


Another rose color that suggests thanks is peach. This color of roses should be given as a sign of appreciation and gratitude. Peach can also communicate the end of a project or a coming together of a deal or union.

Roses are beautiful flowers that we see all the time. Roses are available year round. They can be found everywhere from the florist to the gas station. When giving someone a rose, try considering the meaning behind the color of this flower first.


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