Sunflower Pendants: Polymer Clay Crafts

Sarah Ganly
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Polymer clay is a great medium for many fun craft projects. I like to make many different projects out of polymer clay, and I especially enjoy making different types of pendants. There are many different types of pendants that you can make using polymer clay, and this article will teach you how to make a polymer clay sunflower pendant.

For this project you will need liquid sculpey, black clay, yellow clay, and orange clay; you will also need a skewer or a toothpick. When working with polymer clay it is also good to be near a refrigerator because the clay can become too soft sometimes. If the clay becomes too soft, or if you need to cut something and get a fine line you can throw your clay in a refrigerator for a few minutes, and it will harden up quickly.

To make your sunflower, start by rolling out a ball of black clay; flatten the ball into a black disk that is as wide as the flower you would like to make. Next roll a long thin tube of black clay and break it into little pieces. Now roll these pieces into tiny balls, and set them aside. You can put these little balls in the fridge if you like.

Next you will need to start making your flower petals, and you will need to mix the yellow and orange clay together for this step. When the two colors are thoroughly combined you can roll it into a long strand; cut this strand in half and cut each half into pieces. Make sure the second half is cut into smaller pieces than the first half. Now flatten out each piece of the yellow to form petals.

Now start pressing the petals around the edge of the black disk. When you add the petals make sure to leave a wide black circle in the middle, and do not overlap. The first layer of petals should be the longer petals. After they are all attached you can layer the second layer of petals on top of the first level.

Find a spot in between the petals and push the toothpick through so that you have a place to hang the pendant from. Also it is important to make sure you put the hole close enough in so that it is thick enough to not break. The edge around the hole has to be thick enough to be strong.

Next get the little black balls and push them into the center of the circle. You can arrange them in a circular pattern or a spiral. Make sure to push these balls down so that they are secure. Bake the flower for about 10 minutes, and let it cool before removing the toothpick.

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