Summer Handprint Crafts for Kids Using Paper

Sarah Ganly
2 min readJun 12, 2021


Creating summer handprint crafts for kids is easy when using paper. Summer provides kids with plenty of time for craft projects, and these ideas are easy and fun. This article provides you with detailed instructions on paper handprint crafts for summer.

Rainbow Mobile

A great craft for kids using handprints and paper is a rainbow mobile. For this project you will need construction paper in all the colors of the rainbow. You will also need scissors, pencils, tape, a paper plate, glue, and string.

Start by helping kids trace their hands onto several different colored pieces of paper. Make sure kids trace their hands two or three times on each piece of paper. Then help kids cut out their handprints. Also cut enough string for each color of paper and poke the same amount of holes in the paper plate in different spots.

Then poke a hole in the palm of a single handprint from each color. Tie a not using the hole and the string in each handprint. Then poke enough holes for each string into the edge of the paper plate. Space the holes evenly around the outer rim.

Stick the strings through the holes and tape them to the top of the plate to secure them in place. Add another piece of string to the top of the plate so you can hang your mobile. Next, help kids cover the entire top of the plate using the remaining handprints and the glue. This rainbow mobile is perfect for summer.

Sun Wall Hanging

Another fun handprint craft using paper is a sun wall hanging. Kids will love this summer craft, and it is easy to create. For this project you will need yellow construction paper, orange construction paper, glue, scissors, a pencil, a large bowl, and ribbon.

Start by helping kids place the bowl upside down on the paper. Then trace the edge of the bowl. Help kids cut the circle out of the paper. Then help kids trace their handprints on the yellow and orange paper several times. Cut the handprints out of the paper and arrange them around the sun. Help kids glue the handprints in place with the yellow and orange paper alternating. Then cut a piece of ribbon and glue both ends to the back of the circle. Flip the sun over and it is ready to hang on the wall.

These unique handprint crafts are fun and easy to create with paper. Kids will enjoy celebrating summer with these easy craft projects.

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