Stress Management Exercises for High School Students

Sarah Ganly
3 min readApr 22, 2021
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High school is the time in a teenagers live that can be very stressful. They are hitting puberty, and they are growing into the adults they will one day be. High school aged children are faced with a lot of choices, and they are given responsibility, but they are still not completely responsible for themselves. This is the time when they will make a lot of life choices, and this can be very stressful. This is also the time where their bodies and interests are changing, and sex and relationships become a part of their lives. High school can be very stressful, and this article will discuss five stress management techniques for students.

A great way for students to deal with the societal pressures of the media and their classmates is through collage. Have students bring in magazines that are designed for their age group. Next have them cut out articles and pictures that they find to be negative or bothersome. Have students cut up these images and glue them together in an order that is more pleasing. Encourage the students to alter the images by cutting them, coloring over them with markers, and remind them to have a sense of humor with this project.

Another fun project that will help high school students to reduce stress is the balloon popping game. Have the students blow up several balloons and right on them the causes of there stress n marker. They can also draw pictures or right initials on the balloons if they want their privacy. Next have them bounce the balloons around for awhile. Next have them pop the balloons using a pin, their hands, or their feet.

Stress management for teenagers is very important, and stress usually comes from being unorganized and having a lot on your plate. In order to help students focus and prioritize in order to release stress have them right all of the things that are important to them on a sheet of paper. Next have the students highlight the least important items in a yellow marker, next have them highlight the medium important items with a blue marker, and highlight the most important things with a pink marker. This list can contain school obligations, familial obligations, and personal desires. Now have students focus on the pink ideas. Remind them that sometimes you need to look at everything in order to figure out what really matters, and encourage the kids to keep their list and cross off items as they are completed. This will give them a feeling of accomplishment.

Stress is something that comes from responsibilities, and it is important to allow yourself to relax and have fun when you are feeling overwhelmed. Teenagers need this time especially because they are new to the stresses of being older. So in order to manage stress schedule at least one hour a day to just enjoying life. Make sure at least one hour a day is for fun and hobbies such as art music, and sports. These activities will increase happiness, and allow stress to be released through productivity.

Another way for students to manage stress is through breathing. Every teenager should take a few minutes each day to sit and relax. Sitting outside or by a window is good because it brings you closer to nature, but anywhere is fine. This method is especially important when a high school student is feeling overwhelmed. It is important to step away and breathe in order to regain focus or solve problems. Every student should take time to breathe, and pay attention to their breathing in order to relax and manage stress.

High school is a time when stress is prevalent for children; they are surrounded with influences, and they expected to make many important choices at this time in their lives, and it is important to practice these stress management techniques in order to be healthy and happy.



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