Spring Theme Home Decorating Ideas Using Fabric

Sarah Ganly
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Spring is a fun season to bring the life back into your home decorating. Fabric is an inexpensive and easy material to work with. This article will provide you with detailed instructions on spring themed home decorating ideas using fabric.

Pillow Covers

Creating pillow covers with fabric is a spring themed idea, and it is very inexpensive. For this home decorating idea you will need spring themed fabric, scissors, fabric glue, a pillow, and Velcro. If you do not have a pillow to use you can follow these directions and add stuffing to fill the cover to create a one of a kind pillow perfect for spring.

Start by laying the fabric out and placing the pillow on top of it. Cut the fabric so it is at least an inch wider all around. Use the first cut out to make a second of the same size. Then place both pieces on top of each other with the front facing inwards. Use the glue to attach 3 sides of the square together. Let the glue try until it is completely secure.

Then fold the remaining edges down against the back of the fabric. Add glue to seal both sides, and let dry. Finally flip the pillow cover inside out and add glue and Velcro to the open flaps. When the glue is dried you can dress up your pillow with the new spring inspired cover and use it for your home decorating theme.

Wall Art

Another simple home decorating project that uses fabric is wall art. For this spring craft you will need spring themed fabric, picture frames, scissors, thick cardboard, and thumb tacks. You can choice fabric with images or scenes, or you can simply choose fabric with spring colors and patterns.

Start by cutting the cardboard to fit neatly inside the frame. Then cut the fabric so it is about 4 inches longer than the cardboard on all sides. Wrap the cardboard with the fabric and use the thumb tacks to secure the fabric in place. Add the cardboard to the frame and add it to your home decorating.

These ideas are easy and inexpensive ways to decorate your home for spring. You can find inexpensive fabric at many local craft stores, and this material will provide you with many possibilities when decorating for the spring season.

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