Spring Handprint Crafts for Kids Using Paper

Handprint crafts are easy and fun for kids to create for the spring season. Handprints crafts can be created using paper, and they teach children dexterity and coordination. This article discusses spring themed handprint crafts using paper that kids will love.

Butterfly Mobile

Butterflies bring in the spring season, and they can be the theme of a great handprint mobile. For this craft you will need construction paper, glue, markers, tape, scissors, yarn or string, a pencil, and a paper plate. Start by helping kids trace their hands onto several different colored pieces of construction paper.

Then help kids cut small circles out of black or brown paper. Also cut out the handprints they have traced already. Then use the markers to add different patterns and colors to the handprints. They handprints will be the butterfly wings. Then help kids glue the palm sections of two wings together to make a butterfly. Add the black circle to the center like a head for the butterfly.

Create several butterflies in this fashion. Also cut several long pieces of string. Poke enough holes in the plate to attach all of the strings. Stick the string through the hole and use tape to secure it. Then fold the butterflies in half lightly and tape the other ends of the strong to the inside of the fold. Hang your handprint mobile by adding more strings to the top of the plate.

Tulip Bouquet

Tulips are a wonderful sign of spring, and kids can create tulips using handprints and paper. For this craft you will need construction paper, scissors, pencils, tape, glue, green paint, a paintbrush, and sturdy plastic straws. It is also a good idea to cover the workspace with newspaper to prevent mess.

To begin help kids trace their handprint onto the construction paper. Pastel colored paper works well, but pink and yellow are also appropriate colors for spring tulips. Then kids can cut the handprints out.

Then help kids cut the last inch of one end of the straw into small strips. Remember to leave the straw strips attached to the straw. Then help kids glue the hand prints together by placing the right side of a palm against the side of the palm of another handprint. Angle the hands slightly and overlap the palms so they appear slightly curved when put together. Add two or three more handprints in the same manner. This will make a circular shape.

After the glue has dried, help kids twist the handprints into a cone flower shape. Use the tape to secure it together. Then place the straw through the hole in the center of the cone and tape the flower to the straw. The cut strips should face out of the flower. Finally let kids paint the straw and tape with the green paint, and your spring tulips are complete.

These easy crafts welcome spring and get kids excited for the season. Using paper and handprints is easy and fun, and kids will love these spring themed projects.

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Sarah Ganly is an artist, entrepreneur, and lover of life. She is a lifelong learner dedicated to making people smile.

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Sarah Ganly

Sarah Ganly

Sarah Ganly is an artist, entrepreneur, and lover of life. She is a lifelong learner dedicated to making people smile.

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