Shade Tolerant Flowering Ground Covers

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Shade tolerant ground covers that produce flowers are the perfect way to add color and weed protection to your garden. It can be hard to find ground covers that produce flowers and live in shady areas. Here I will provide you detailed information on several shade tolerant flowering ground covers.


This shade tolerant ground cover is popular because of its ability to grow in sun, partial shade, and shade. This plant is also known as bugleweed, and it produces blue flowers. It is hardy in zones 3–9, and it grows up to 12" in height. This fast growing ground cover will grow up to 4 feet wide and flowers in spring.

Bethlehem Sage

This ground cover is shade tolerant, but will also thrive in partially sunny areas. Bethlehem sage produces white, pink, and blue flowers. This plant needs a moderate amount of water and lives in zones 4–8. This shade loving plant produces flowers in the spring. Bethlehem sage grows from 8"- 12".

False Spirea

This shade tolerant ground cover enjoys thorough watering once a week. False Spirea produces pink and white flowers in summer. The large showy flowers make this a perfect perennial for your shady garden ground. This flowering ground cover enjoys full shade and partial shade, and grows from 6" -24" in height. False Spirea grows in zone 6.

Vinca Vine

This flowering ground cover is also known as periwinkle because of its tiny blue flowers. This popular shade loving plant also produces white, red, and purple flowers. The Vinca vine can be major or minor, and these plants enjoy similar conditions. Periwinkle is drought tolerant as well as shade loving. Another benefit of this popular plant is its resistance to deer. This flowering ground cover grows in zones 4–9. It grows up to 6 inches.

Wild Ginger

This ground cover enjoys full shade to partial shade. Wild ginger produces flowers that are white, purple, maroon, and red. It needs thorough watering and is hardy in zones 5–9. The one of a kind flowers produced by this perennial ground cover are sure to attract attention along with its heart shaped leaves.

Wood Sorrel

This shade loving ground cover can also tolerate partial shade. Wood Sorrel produces white, pink, and purple flowers. It is hardy in zones 7–10, and grows up to 6" high. This flowering ground cover produces tiny flowers that are shaped like stars. The leaves resemble clovers and it is drought resistant.

Try using these plants in shaded spots in your garden. They add the perfect detail with their flowers and foliage and they provide protection from invasive weeds.

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