Justice: Understanding the Tarot

Understanding the tarot requires you to understand the meanings behind many different cards. It is important to understand the meaning of each card in order to understand how they work together. This article will discuss in detail what the justice card of the major arcana means and symbolizes.

Justice is pictured in long, flowing, royal robes and a crown; it is the eleventh card in the tarot. She is also pictured with a scale in one hand and a sword in the other. This is significant to the meaning of the card because it represents her ability to weigh out situations and act with the strength of her sword. This also signifies a balance and responsibility. The crown and robes signify respect and authority. The image of justice is very regal and dominant.

Justice is a card that refers to honesty, fair judgment, and morals. Ethical ideas are upheld with justice, and equality is revered. This card symbolizes the fight to do the right thing, and the conflict between good and bad. The justice card also symbolizes a commitment to the truth. This card can also mean being involved in legal matters and the courts.

Responsibility is another main factor brought about by justice, and this could mean paying back debts. This card also suggests doing what you must. The justice card in the tarot also recommends being accountable for your actions. It means that you must handle the situations you are in whether they are appealing or not. You must take responsibility for your circumstances and complete whatever steps will help your situation.

Justice also symbolizes decision making and this is show with the scale placed in the hand of justice. The scale is moving, and attempting to make a fair judgment. This side of justice must consider all sides of a situation, it must figure out how all factors play a part in the final decision and outcome. The justice card recommends making decisions with all preparations required. You must fully understand circumstances before making a choice, and this card suggests that you will take the correct action if you way all of the odds.

Understand that actions lead to reactions, and accepting the results of your actions is another meaning strongly implies by the justice card. Understanding that your present situation is a result of your decision making is suggested by this card. Making the connection between past, present, and future events is a predominant meaning of this card as well.

Justice signifies responsibility, judgment, and ethics. This card reflects the ideas of cause and effect and educated decision making.

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Sarah Ganly is an artist, entrepreneur, and lover of life. She is a lifelong learner dedicated to making people smile.

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Sarah Ganly

Sarah Ganly

Sarah Ganly is an artist, entrepreneur, and lover of life. She is a lifelong learner dedicated to making people smile.

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