How to Throw an 80’s Style Dinner Party

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Dinner parties are a lot of fun if you make them fun, but if you just throw a dinner party there might not be as much to talk about as you think. A themed dinner party is always fun, and this article will teach you how to throw an 80’s style dinner party.

First thing to remember when you throw an 80’s dinner party is that the invitations must tell guests to some in 80’s apparel. As the host you will also have to wear your 80’s gear, and make sure your home is flash backed to the 80’s. In order to decorate your home appropriately hang posters of popular 80’s stars on the walls such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Blondie, Prince, The Cars, and whoever else you loved in the 80’s. Also remember to have lots of 80’s compilation music playing. Decorate your home with neon color streamers and neon colored balloons. Metallic streamers and any other cheesy decorations you can find will also suit this décor. Don’t forget to represent the 80’s movies either, and hang posters from your favorite movies like Goonies, ET, and Transformers.

Food from the 80’s was not so healthy, but it as popular so for your party you will need some 80’s style food. Ranch flavored Doritos were a food that originated in the 80’s and it is a perfect snack for the table. Tab cola is another uniquely 80’s item, and it should be served in the cans. Many junk foods were popular in the 80’s such as fruit snacks and fruit roll ups, charms pops, raisins, tootsie rolls, and pop rocks. For a main course for this dinner party fast food should be your entrée. McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut were huge in the 80’s so stock up on a bunch of these items for your party. Jello pudding pops are the perfect dessert for an 80’s themed diner party, and no one can forget Bill Cosby in the commercial.

Every party needs some fun things to do, and one game that should be played at an 80’s dinner party is twister. Another fun game that you can play at your party is Pacman, and many stored sell a Pacman controller that plugs right into your television. You can also have an 80’s karaoke contest if your guests are brave enough, or you can have a name that tune contest with only 80’s music. You can also have a biggest hair contest, and remember to give out prices like leg warmers and blow up guitars.

This party will be a blast from the past with these fun tips!

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