How to Make Miniature Cherry Pies for Your Dollhouse

Sarah Ganly
2 min readJun 12, 2021

Dollhouses are awesome toys that people of all ages can enjoy. It is fun to play with dollhouses, but it is even more fun to create your own personal dollhouse accessories. Polymer clay is a great medium for creating dollhouse miniatures. This article will teach you how to make a cherry pie using polymer clay.

For this craft project you will need beige clay, red clay, a scissor, paint, and a bottle cap. Start by making the pie crust. Use a bottle to roll out the beige clay, and if you are having problems with the clay sticking use baby powder on the surface that you are rolling the clay out on. Cut a circle slightly bigger than the bottle cap, and press it into the bottle cap.

Fold the crust over around the edges, and pinch them together to create a crust. Use the dull edge of the scissors to create a pattern on the crust by pressing down, skipping a space, and pressing down again. Continue around the crust until it is complete. Save the rest of the rolled out beige clay for the top of the crust.

To create the cherry filling roll a ball of red clay that will fit inside the bottle cap crust. Push the ball into the pie crust and flatten it down so that it s not much higher than the bottle cap. Next create a long strand of red clay and cut it into little pieces. Roll these little pieces into tiny balls to simulate cherries. Cover the top of the pie with the red balls. Press these balls into the top so that they stay, but remember to not let them lose their round shape.

Next using the scissors cut long strips of the rolled out beige clay. The strips must be long enough to cover the pie. Now starting at the one side of the pie lay a strip across and pinch the ends into the crust. Skip a space, and add another strip; continue with this until the pie covered with strips and spaces all the way across. Next you must start crisscrossing the next strips so that the pie is completely covered in a cross hatch pattern.

After this is done, and all the pie crust strips have been firmly attached; you can bake the pie in the oven for about 10 minutes. When the pie is cool you can paint the bottom of the bottle cap to match your dollhouse kitchenware.

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