How to Make a Miniature Polymer Clay Chocolate Pie for a Dollhouse

Dollhouses are a lot of fun, and they supply children and adults with hours of fun. Dollhouses are so great because you can make them personal; you can add all the different details you want because you make it come to life. There are a lot of fun projects for dollhouses, and this article will teach you how to make miniature polymer clay chocolate pie for a dollhouse.

For this project you will need some paint, brown clay, white clay, beige clay, a knife and a bottle cap. You can make many different pies, and many different little details can be added to make this pie even better.

Before you can start assembling your pie you will need to make a crust. Start out using some beige clay. If you do not have beige clay you can mix brown and white until it is a uniform beige color. Roll out the beige clay until it is thin enough to make a crust. If you find that the clay sticks too much you can sprinkle some baby powder on the surface you are using. You can use a bottle to roll out the clay.

After you have enough clay rolled out you should place it over the upside down bottle cap. Press the clay down in the cap so that it lies flat, and trim the clay using your knife. Fold the clay over and crimp the clay around the edge to form a nice crust. Now you have a universal crust that can be used for any type of pie.

For a chocolate cream pie you will need a good sized blob of brown clay, and a little ball of beige clay. Mix the two colors together, but do not completely mix them so you can still see some swirls in the clay. Roll it into a ball that will fit inside the pie crust. After you press the clay inside the crust twist the top of the brown clay to create a peak.

If you want to add some whip cream to this pie you can roll a small strand of white clay and add it to the pie. To make this look nice you should twist the white clay around as you lay it down in a circle to create loops. You can also add little red balls to look like cherries. Just roll little red balls and use the knife to add an indent in the cherry. Place these on top for a sweet effect.

Simply bake this pie for about 10 minutes, and when it is cool you can paint the bottle cap to match the rest of the dinnerware in your dollhouse.

Chocolate pies are delicious in real life, and your dolls will like them too. Making pies for your dollhouses is easy and fun additions to your collection.



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