How to Make a Miniature Clay Fruit Bowl for Dollhouses

Photo by Krzysztof Kowalik on Unsplash

I love making miniatures, and I have a lot of fun with it. I make miniatures for my own dollhouse, and I sell some miniatures on my art site to other dollhouse enthusiasts. These little treats are fun and easy to make. Here are some detailed instructions on how to make your own fruit bowl.

First you will need to get your clay together. You will need a medium size ball of yellow clay, a little ball of red clay, a little ball of orange clay, a medium size ball of purple or green clay, a small ball of black clay, and a small ball of white clay. Next you will need a sewing needle; I like to have a pointy needle and a dull needle handy. A kitchen knife is also very useful; it does not have to be very sharp.

Each fruit is very simple to make and can be made with very few steps. Here is a simple walk through on fruit making.

Bananas are a lot of fun , and you can make one or a whole bunch. First roll your yellow out into a tube, and cut equal sections about 3/4ths and inch long. Press the tube lightly on a hard surface to give it 4 edges. Now bend the tube into the crescent shape of a banana and pinch the ends so that the banana tapers. You can now add a little black blob to the end to make a stalk, and you can push several bananas together to create a bunch.

To make an apple you must pinch one end of the red ball of clay. Now set the ball on a hard surface with the narrower end down. You can then press the round end of the needle into the top creating a little hole; also make sure to push down around the hole so it resembles an apple with a dip in the top. Now use a little black to make a stem and push it into the hole. Use the flat part of the needle to give the bottom rounded edges. This can be accomplished by pressing the needle flat across the bottom 2 or 3 times.

The make an orange simply poke several holes into the orange ball of clay. Make sure to poke one hole slightly bigger than the other holes. You can fill that with a little bit of black as well.

Finally my favorite fruit to make is the grapes. Make a small ball out of 1/3rd of the purple or green clay. Next make many smaller balls and attach them to the bigger ball in any playful form you want.

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