Home Decorating with Plant Displays

Sarah Ganly
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If you want to add life to your home try using plant displays. Plants bring a sense of freshness to your home. They add that special touch to areas of your decor that are boring or dull. This article discusses several home decorating ideas that use plant displays.

Rock Garden

A fun home decorating idea that will also help keep plants moist is a rock garden. Choose several small potted plants for this idea. Then place the plants in a tray. Add the rocks to the bottom of the tray. Place the display on a table counter, or windowsill. The water will keep your plants watered for longer while adding a feeling of nature to the home.


Cacti are easy to care for, and they are perfect for small spaces. Mini cacti can be placed along windowsills or in small areas where there is not a lot of room. Cacti are often found in small containers, and they can be transplanted into unique items such as tea cups, old candle glasses, and small boxes.

This plant will make a stunning display not matter how many you choose to add to your home decor. You can group several cacti together in one pot, place a few in a row, or add one small cactus to the center of your windowsill for a personal display.

Forced Bulbs

Forced bulbs have a unique look, and they can bring the beauty of spring into the home during cold winter months. Bulbs can be forced in different manner depending on hat type of flower you are trying to grow. Placing these bulbs in clear containers adds to the beauty because rocks are often used in the process of forcing bulbs.

Miniature Gardens

Another plant display that is fun to create and adds personality to your decorating is miniature gardens. Miniature gardens can take on a variety of forms, and they are easy t make. Choose an interesting container and several small plants that will look nice together. Jade, grasses, and flowering mosses look nice together, but feel free to experiment. Add small ornaments that reflect your personality as well such as crystals, miniature figures or toys, and beads.

For a unique addition to your home decorating, try using these plant display ideas. They will bring your style into the home as well as life.

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