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Sarah Ganly
2 min readMay 24, 2021
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There are plenty of fun and easy home decorating crafts you can make with photos. Photos are easy to work with. They provide you with limitless options to focus on. This article will supply you with detailed instructions on several home decorating crafts with photos.

Alphabet Photos

Alphabet photos are a fun way to send a message through images. This craft is easier with a camera, but it can be accomplished with magazines or photographs. You can also choose to hang your alphabet photos in separate picture frames or in a picture frame with several areas for images.

Start by deciding what you would like to say with your photos. A short message such as “joy” or “love” works well, but you can feel free to be as creative as you like. Now take your camera and look around for images that look like the letters you need for your chosen word. You can also arrange items in the shape of letters and photo them to fit the theme of your word. IF you do not have a camera, look through a magazine for images in the shape of letters.

When you have all the photos you need arrange them in the appropriate order and place them in a frame. This one of a kind work of art is a great way to decorate with photos.


Another fun twist you can create with photos is a story. Choose photos for this project that tell a story and place them in chronological order in a large frame or several smaller frames. There are several different options to consider when creating your photo stories, and fun details are perfect.

An example of this home decorating craft is the story of how you met your spouse. For this craft you will need photos of you are your spouse before you met, the place you met, the two of you together, and any other little details that stick out. For example if there was a particular food you ate or the view from the window of the restaurant. Personal details will make interesting photos and add to the details of the story. Remembers photos can be taken after the story being told.

After all photos are gathered place them in frames and hang them in a cluster together on the wall. You can also use paint markers to add dates and details to the frames. These handwritten details will help explain the story and add charm to this home decorating craft.

Photos are a great medium for home decorating crafts because they provide your home with special memories. These crafts are easy and will bring photos into your home decor in a way that is unique and charming.

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