Fun Kids Crafts: Rock Animals

Photo by Jarren Simmons on Unsplash

Rocks and stones are a plentiful resource in our world, and many people over look them when they are considering doing nature crafts. I have been experimenting a lot with rock crafts lately, and here I will show you how to make some rock animals. This is a great project for kids and adults alike.

Stone pigs are adorable and simple to make. For this project you will need glue, pink and black paint, a round stone, two smaller pointed stones, and a small round stone. Now paint all of these stones pink and let them dry. Glue the pointed stones to the top of the large round rock because they will be the ears. Next glue the smaller round stone in the middle of the large stone for the nose. Now use your black paint to add to nose holes, eyes, and a smile, and you have completed your pig. You can add a magnet to it if you would like to hang it.

Stone caterpillars are a fun project that is also simple to complete. You will need green and black paint, glue, several round stones of various sizes, and a pipe cleaner for this project. First you will paint all of the stones green. You can add spots or strips of different colors if you like. Now line the stones up in a S shape or a shape that you find appealing, and glue them together. Cut to small pieces of pipe cleaner and bend the ends; you will then glue these pipe cleaners to the head as antennas and paint eyes on your caterpillar. You may have to hold the pipe cleaner for a minute or so because the glue may take some time to set.

Ducks can even be made using stones, and they are so cute and easy. To make a rock duck you will need an oval or pointy shaped stone, a smaller pointy or oval stone, some paint, and glue. The larger pointy stone will be the base of the duck so paint wings on the side of it. Next glue the smaller stone to the top of the pointy stone, but remember to glue it further to one side. Now paint eyes and a beak on the stone, and you will have completed your duck.

Heavy duty model glue is the best glue for this project, but make sure there is adult supervision and you are working in a well ventilated area when using this glue. You can make many fun animals using stones, and I hope you have enjoyed these projects!

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