Fun Kids Crafts: More Rock Animals

Sarah Ganly
2 min readJun 3, 2021
Photo by Oliver Paaske on Unsplash

Rocks are everywhere, and there are many different shapes and sizes that can be found all over the world. These stone make a great base for crafting, and it is fun to get kids in the yard on a rock hunt for these craft projects. Here are some more rock animals that you can make at home with your children for little money.

Frogs can be made out of rocks, and they are simple and awesome additions to your rock farm. All you need for this project is one large round stone, two smaller round stones, two flat medium sized stones, glue, and some paint. Simply glue the flat stones underneath the large stone because they are the frogs feet. Next paint the small round stones like eyes, and glue them to the top of the frog. You can then paint green spots on the frog’s body or you can paint all of the stones except the eyes green before gluing them together. Remember to paint a big smile on your frog as well.

A Rabbit can be made easily using stones. For this project you will need one round large stone for the body, 4 small stones for feet, two long flat stones for ears, glue, and paint. Now paint all of the rocks the color of your rabbit, and glue the ears to the top and the feet to the bottom. Paint a nose and whiskers on the face of your rabbit, and he is ready to go.

A really cute mouse can be made out of stones, and he can be used as a toy or as a paperweight. All you will need for this project is a long pointy rock, two round rocks, a tiny pebble, glue, paint, and a pipe cleaner or piece of yarn. Glue the piece of yarn onto the end of the long rock. This will be your tail. Next paint the two smaller stones because they will be your mouse’s ears and paint the small pebble pink because it will be the nose. Now glue the ears onto the top and the nose onto the pointy side of the rock. Finally add eyes and whiskers and your stone mouse will be complete.

These rock animals are a lot of fun to make and they can be given as gifts or collected around the house. Heavy duty model glue is best used for these projects, but always use it in a room with good ventilation, and always use it with an adult around. Acrylic spray can be sprayed on these animals in order to help the paint stay.

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