Fun and Easy Tips for Potty Training Your Boy

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It is a common thought that potty training a boy is tougher than potty training a girl. This rumor may have some truth to it, there are several ways to make potty training your boy quick and painless. These tips will help potty training your boy go by easy and fun instead of a hassle.

The biggest concern when potty training a boy is whether to teach the toddler to sit or stand. This is completely up to the parents, but it is easier to start out teaching your boy to sit. This will allow him to start out easier, and when he becomes more comfortable with using the potty and is accident free you can try standing up.

When you first introduce the idea of standing to go potty to your son it can be a little nerve racking, but this tip will turn it into a fun and easy game instead. Try floating some cereal or small bits of food in the toilet. This will provide your boy with something to aim for. For even more fun add different color or shaped items and designate points for each item in the toilet.

When purchasing the potty or adapter seat for your little boy to use, it is important to consider the splash guard. This may seem like a genius idea that can save time and clean up, but it might actually cause a delay in your boy’s ability to learn how to use the potty. The splash guard can scrape or bump up against your toddler’s penis, and this is uncomfortable for your boy. If you would like to give the3 splash guard a chance try buying a potty that has a removable guard.

Another fun tip that will make potty training easy and a good time is using fun things to increase the chance of success when potty training. Charts, DVDs, and books are all enjoyable ways to teach your boy how to use the potty. Keep books and charts in the bathroom to help your boy spend time in the bathroom getting comfortable on the potty. The more time your child spends practicing and getting comfortable, the easier it will be.

If you make potty training your boy fun, it will be easier than you can imagine. Yes, there will still be accidents, but these tips will make it easy and fun for your boy to learn how to use his potty successfully. These tips will also form a stronger bond between you and your toddler; so try them when it’s time to start potty training your boy.

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