Five Quick, Natural and Easy Beauty Tips for the Face

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Nowadays there are so many products on the market that promise to make you more beautiful in an instant, but I am here to tell you that you don’t need all of these products. All you need is these five quick and easy beauty tips for the face, and you will be feeling beautiful in no time.

Eyebrows are an important part of what makes your eyes stand out. It is important to have a natural proportion between your eyes and your eyebrows. A simple and easy method of keeping your eyebrows natural and lovely simply requires a pair of scissors and a comb. All you need to do to avoid tweezing is use this easy method. Use your comb to brush your eyebrows up. I know this will look a little funny, but it is the correct procedure. Now use your scissors to trim the hair in a straight line along the natural line of the eyebrow. Brush the hairs back down, and your eyebrow will be preen and clean looking.

You may have heard of people using cucumber to relax and restore tired eyes, but there are other methods that work just as well. Using tea bags works well for tired eyes; just make sure they are cool and the majority of the water has been drained out of them. Cotton balls dipped in milk also help to moisturize and replenish tired eyes. So sit back and relax with these eye rejuvenating remedies.

There are many different methods of making your skin soft and glowing, but my favorite is a simple honey mask. Rest a warmed washcloth on your face for about five minutes. This will open your pores and soften our skin which is opportune when applying a facial mask. Next you must simply apply a thin layer of honey all over your face, and let it set for about 15 minutes. Wash the honey off in lukewarm water and splash face with cold water when all the honey is gone. This will replenish your skin, and it will give you a healthy glow.

Mint juice is a natural way to get rosy lips. Simple grind some mint leaves and rub them on your lips. They will give your lips a natural pink color, and the juice of the mint leaves will make your skin soft and smooth.

For really rough lips there is a quick and easy solution that can be applied while in the shower or brushing your teeth. Simply wet your toothbrush a little bit, and rub your lips with the bristles in a circular motion. This is a super simple way to exfoliate your lips.

These tips will save you time and money, and they will help you have a natural beautiful face!

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