Edible Father’s Day Crafts that Kids Can Make as Gifts

Edible crafts are always a good gift idea for dads on Father’s Day. Children will love making these projects, and they are easy to make. This article supplies you with information on edible Father’s Day crafts that kids can make.

Barbeque Sauce

Father’s Day is the perfect holiday for this edible gift because it is celebrated in the beginning of barbequing season. To start creating this gift idea you need to find barbeque sauce recipe you enjoy. Check out this link to choose from the top 10 barbeque sauce recipes.

Work with kids to create the barbeque sauce. When you are all finished you will need canning jars, wax paper, pinking shears, ribbon, heavy paper, a funnel, paper towel, a hole puncher, and a pen. Start by filling all of the jars with the sauce. Then cut squares out of the wax paper using the pinking shears. Also cut small rectangles out of the paper.

Write the name of the sauce on one side of the rectangle. Also right a message on the other. Punch a hole in the corner of the paper. Cover the jar with the flat part of the lid. Place the wax paper over the jar and place the ring over the wax paper. Cut a long piece of ribbon, thread it through the hole punched in the paper, and tie it around the lip of the jar. These tasty gifts are easy crafts to give away.

Tie Cake

Another fun craft for kids to make for their fathers is a tie cake. For this gift you will need cake mix, canned pumpkin, white colored frosting, food coloring, a square cake pan, a loaf pan, bowls, spoons, knives, and a pastry bag. If you don’t have a pastry bag you can roll up a piece of wax paper.

Start by assisting as kids mix the cake mix with the pumpkin, fill the two pans, and bake according to the directions on the cake mix package. Allow the cake to cool when they are done, and mix the frosting while you are waiting. Start by placing some frosting in a bowl. Then help children add food coloring of your choice to the frosting. Mix it together thoroughly.

When the cakes are cooled, flip them over onto a plate. Use a knife to cut the corners off of the loaf cake. Then trim a little of the cake off of the sides of the loaf. This will make the base of the tie, and can be placed on top of the square cake. Then add two corners together in a triangle shape at the top of the tie to make the knot. Place the two triangles on either side of the knot to create the collar. Ice the entire cake with the white frosting.

Then ice the tie using the colored frosting. Mix another color with some frosting in a separate bowl and put the frosting in the pastry bag. Write a special Father’s Day message for your dad on the cake, and add details to the tie.

These edible gift ideas are perfect crafts for children, and dads will love them too. Try creating thee projects to make the children and father’s in your life very happy on this special holiday.

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Sarah Ganly is an artist, entrepreneur, and lover of life. She is a lifelong learner dedicated to making people smile.

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Sarah Ganly

Sarah Ganly is an artist, entrepreneur, and lover of life. She is a lifelong learner dedicated to making people smile.