Easy and Fun Tips for Potty Training a Girl

Sarah Ganly
2 min readJun 12, 2021
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Potty training your girl may seem intimidating, but it does not have to be. Little girls seem to learn to use the potty at a slightly faster rate than most little boys because they develop at a slightly faster rate, and this can work to your benefit. These tips will make potty training your daughter easy and fun.

Make it fun. If your turn potty training into an excuse for having a good time, it will be much easier to teach your little girl how to use her potty. Making potty training fun may seem like an impossible mission, but the help of dolls, books, DVDs, and charts are a great way to increase the chance your daughter will have at successfully using the potty.

Emulating using a doll is an amusing way for girls to practice what is required of them. Using charts will allow you to reward your child for a successful job done. Potty training books are also helpful when potty training because they give your child time to relax while sitting on the potty if you read some of the book while she is in there.

Clothing is an important thing to consider when potty training and some clothing items can make it a lot easier for your girl to learn. Stockings and pants that have buttons or other things that can be hard to open are a bad idea. Skirts and training pants work great, and anything with an elastic waist band will help make using the potty easy.

Girls have the added responsibility of learning how to wipe in the correct fashion, and this can make potty training a little difficult. If your little girl is having a tough time remembering which direction to wipe this tip is for you. Teach your toddler to pat herself dry instead of wiping, and she will get herself effectively clean. After she has mastered the potty you can work on wiping.

Allowing your toddler to pick out her potty will make your daughter have a better connection with the potty, and it will make her feel more comfortable using it. If you cannot let her pick it for some reason; you can let her decorate it using paint markers. This will give the potty her special touch.

These easy tips will make potty training much quicker and more fun for you and your daughter. Potty training doesn’t have to be a chore it can be an easy way to bond with your toddler and have a good time together.

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