Crafty Ways to Create Fun Sculptures Out of Trash

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

I love to make stuff out of recycled materials, and I am always looking for inspiration in everything. If you are like me you love art, and you hate to waste stuff. If you are like me you will love these projects because they are some crafty ways to use your garbage for good.

A great sculpture project that can you can make using stuff found around the house is a book sculpture. All you will need for this project is an old book, a pen knife, some markers, some paint, a piece of newspaper, and random fun stuff found around your home. All you will need to do stand the book up and open it so that some of the pages are grouped together. Now take the paint and spread it thickly over the book. I like to use paint that you would paint the walls in your house with. I find that this paint is thick enough to hold the pages together in the position you like. After the book has dried you can use your pen knife to cut holes or windows into the book. You can also use the markers to draw on the book or add fun details and patterns. Now glue the found items and you have a fun book sculpture that can be personalized with pictures and other memorabilia.

Another fun project is making a junk mobile. This is a lot of fun, and you can utilize all different things found around the house. The base of this mobile can be made using hanger or similar object that can be bent into a ring. Shape the hanger into a ring after you undo the twist in it. Next find some wire or fishing line. Dental floss also works very well for this project. Next find some fun things to hang from your mobile. I like to use old silverware, screws, bolts, and any other nice charms that will sound nice banging together. Remember to add beads if you like, and you can also bend the utensils into interesting shapes. This mobile is totally customizable, and it makes use of junk that is lying around the house.

A great sculpture project that uses found items is the dish shelf, and this project requires several different dishes such as cups, bowls, and plates, glue, paint pens, and different found items. I like to use different color dishes that have different patterns and designs. All you need to do with this project is stack the dishes on top of each other. Remember to start with the largest plate at the bottom. Next add a cup or a bowl to create height, and add another plate or bowl to create another level. You can stack these dishes as high or as wide as you like, but remember to glue them well, and make sure the shelf is sturdy. Once your shelf is created you can add details to it using found items and paint pens. Remember you can also incorporate tin cans and other interesting items found around your home to create levels of your shelf, and remember the more personal the better.

Creating sculptures are a lot of fun, and creating sculptures that are personal are even better. Remember it is better to make something awesome and useful instead of just throwing away your trash so think creatively not wastefully.

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Sarah Ganly

Sarah Ganly


Sarah Ganly is an artist, entrepreneur, and lover of life. She is a lifelong learner dedicated to making people smile.