Colleen Moore’s Amazing FairyTale Dollhouse

Sarah Ganly
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I have always loved dollhouses since I was a little girl. I have owned many dollhouses, and I have made a few myself, but I have never seen a dollhouse as beautiful as the dollhouse made by Colleen Moore. This is a doll house that should be known by all dollhouse enthusiasts worldwide.

My favorite dollhouse is a fairy castle made by Colleen Moore; it is an amazing creation that was created from “1928 -1935,” and “over 100 people” helped to create this masterpiece (Finnegan, 1999, p. 63). This castle is a beautifully constructed work of art that I fell in love with the moment I looked upon it. It measures over “nine square feet,” and it cost about “500,000” dollars to create (Finnegan, 1999, p 63).

This fairy tale castle is made up of many amazing little details. One of my favorite details is the use of Moore’s “mother’s engagement ring”; the ring is set into the cathedral as a sunburst pattern (Finnegan, 1999, p. 64). This gesture shows the love that Moore had for this work, and it inspires me and makes me feel less foolish to be truly excited to create a beautiful little dollhouse.

This dollhouse incorporates many fairy tale themes into it. The pictures of Cinderella, the Queen of Hearts, and Alice in Wonderland are painted, carved, and stenciled throughout the castle (Finnegan, 1999). There are no actual dolls that reside in this masterpiece, but many of the rooms are themed to suit a fairy tale story. The great dining hall is modeled after the King Arthur story and Robin Hood, and the princess’ bedroom is modeled after the story of sleeping beauty; the bed is even covered in a spider web style blanket (Finnegan, 1999).

This doll house is extremely intriguing and has many amazing aspects. I particularly love the weeping willow tree that actually cries, the mother of pearl floor in the bedroom, and the organ that actually plays in the cathedral (Finnegan, 1999). This doll house is amazingly beautiful and encompasses a fantastical array of details that make it unforgettable.

I am amazed by this dollhouse. Every little detail is so precise and thought out. There is so much time and love put into this dollhouse that it is practically unbelievable. I am enamored by the use of fairytales and personal memories to create this piece, and I am sure anyone else who has ever viewed it would be also!


Finnegan, S. (1999). The doll house book. New York, NY: Black Dog & Leventhal.

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