Beginner Jewelry Craft Projects for Mother’s Day

Sarah Ganly
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Making jewelry craft projects for Mother’s Day is easy even for beginners. Mother’s will love receiving jewelry made especially for them. This article will explain how to make beginner jewelry craft projects for your mom on her special day.

Beaded Dangle Earrings

Earrings are easy to make and a perfect project for the beginner. To make this jewelry item you will need wire, a wire cutter, pliers, two jump rings, two medium sized beads, four small beads, and two earring hooks.

Start by cutting a piece of wire about two inches long. Then use the pliers to bend the bottom of the wire into a small circle. Add a small bead, medium bead, and another small bead to the wire. Then twist the other side of the wire to secure all of the beads in place and create another small circle.

Finally attach the earring post or hook using a jump ring. Simply stretch the ring open with the pliers, then add the circle on the end of the beaded wire and the earring hook. Close the jump ring with the pliers and repeat the process to make the other earring for the pair.

Beach Glass Bracelet

Another great beginner’s jewelry project for Mother’s Day is a beach glass bracelet. For this jewelry craft you will need some pretty beach glass beads, hemp or other thin cord, scissors, and a safety pin. Start by cutting 3 pieces of cord about a foot and a half long.

Then tie the cords together at the end to make a tight knot. Make a second knot slightly lower than the first knot; there should be enough room for a bead to slip past the two knots. Then start braiding the cords together. After a few links, add a bead to one strand of cord. Make another link and add another bead. Keep adding beads until you are almost done with the bracelet. Then add a few more braids and a final bead to the end of the bracelet. The final bead, when slipped through the knots on the other end, function as a clasp.

These beginner jewelry craft ideas make unique and pretty Mother’s Day gifts. Make sure to buy custom beads to suit your mother’s tastes, and your mom will be ecstatic to wear her new gifts.

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