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Spring is a fun season to bring the life back into your home decorating. Fabric is an inexpensive and easy material to work with. This article will provide you with detailed instructions on spring themed home decorating ideas using fabric.

Pillow Covers

Creating pillow covers with fabric is a spring themed idea, and it is very inexpensive. For this home decorating idea you will need spring themed fabric, scissors, fabric glue, a pillow, and Velcro. …

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There are many scrapbook page design ideas using doilies, and these inexpensive and pretty paper items can be used in a variety of scrapbooking themes. This article will discuss several designs you can create using paper doilies in your collage and scrapbook projects.


Paper doilies are easy and inexpensive to use in your paper craft projects. They come in a variety of sizes and patterns, and they look great when used as a photo frame. Simply place photos on top of the doily and attach it to a scrapbook page.


When creating designs on the pages of your…

Creating summer handprint crafts for kids is easy when using paper. Summer provides kids with plenty of time for craft projects, and these ideas are easy and fun. This article provides you with detailed instructions on paper handprint crafts for summer.

Rainbow Mobile

A great craft for kids using handprints and paper is a rainbow mobile. For this project you will need construction paper in all the colors of the rainbow. You will also need scissors, pencils, tape, a paper plate, glue, and string.

Start by helping kids trace their hands onto several different colored pieces of paper. Make sure…

Dollhouses are awesome toys that people of all ages can enjoy. It is fun to play with dollhouses, but it is even more fun to create your own personal dollhouse accessories. Polymer clay is a great medium for creating dollhouse miniatures. This article will teach you how to make a cherry pie using polymer clay.

For this craft project you will need beige clay, red clay, a scissor, paint, and a bottle cap. Start by making the pie crust. Use a bottle to roll out the beige clay, and if you are having problems with the clay sticking use baby…

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Potty training your girl may seem intimidating, but it does not have to be. Little girls seem to learn to use the potty at a slightly faster rate than most little boys because they develop at a slightly faster rate, and this can work to your benefit. These tips will make potty training your daughter easy and fun.

Make it fun. If your turn potty training into an excuse for having a good time, it will be much easier to teach your little girl how to use her potty. …

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Many food production processes use enzymes for different reasons. Enzymes play a key role in milk production, cheese making, baking, wine making, juice making, brewing, and alcohol production. Although all of these enzymes serve different specific goals, they all improve the production yield of the food process.

Enzymes improve yield in milk production and cheese making in different ways. Rennet, commonly used in cheese, helps with the coagulation process. Rennet includes several enzymes such as rennin and protease. Rennin and protease work together to cause curding and precipitation which separates the milk from the curds (Modern biotechnology in food). They…

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Polymer clay is a great medium for many fun craft projects. I like to make many different projects out of polymer clay, and I especially enjoy making different types of pendants. There are many different types of pendants that you can make using polymer clay, and this article will teach you how to make a polymer clay sunflower pendant.

For this project you will need liquid sculpey, black clay, yellow clay, and orange clay; you will also need a skewer or a toothpick. When working with polymer clay it is also good to be near a refrigerator because the clay…

As men and women get older, the amount of hormones produced by the body changes; this inevitably impacts men and women. Women go through menopause because of the hormonal changes that occur with age. It is argued that men also go through what is called andropause because of hormonal changes. Both men and women receive types of hormone replacement treatments to counteract these changes.

As men and women get older their hormone levels change, and the differences are obvious. In women the decline of sexual hormones is caused by the lack of estrogen being produced by the ovaries. Women have…

There are many items you can find around the house to make some pretty cool crafts. In fact you would never believe how many different things you probably have just laying around your house right now that you could turn into a beautiful fairy or angel doll. This article will discusses the many ways you can make a pretty little doll out of things you would never expect.

Spoons are a great base for making angel dolls. Any spoon will do, and the only other items needed for this project is yarn, fabric, felt, a few beads or buttons for…

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If you want to add life to your home try using plant displays. Plants bring a sense of freshness to your home. They add that special touch to areas of your decor that are boring or dull. This article discusses several home decorating ideas that use plant displays.

Rock Garden

A fun home decorating idea that will also help keep plants moist is a rock garden. Choose several small potted plants for this idea. Then place the plants in a tray. Add the rocks to the bottom of the tray. Place the display on a table counter, or windowsill. …

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